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Interactive Whiteboard FAQ

  1. Why does the screen have mist?


In order to ensure the safety of the screen, a layer of tempered glass is added on the outside of the screen. Moreover, in order to ensure heat dissipation, there is a certain gap between the two, which is used to reserve the air passage for air convection. The main reason for the fog lies in the temperature difference between the screen temperature and the external temperature. The hot air condenses the water mist on the cold glass surface. The water mist does not affect the normal operation of the machine. Generally, the mist will disappear slowly after the machine has been used for several hours.


  1. Why do the equipment in different places have different start-up speeds?


It is required to confirm the reasons for this. In theory, the start-up speed is the same for the machines with the same configuration. Generally, if the machine is connected with USB, the equipment is using online, or the space of the hard disk is occupied, or the system is destroyed, the start-up speed will be slowed. You can call our national service hotline: 400-788-9808 directly if you have any specific problem, we will have professional engineers for judgment and guidance in solving the problem.


  1. Why can’t some devices be used in several points?


First of all, XP system doesn’t support multi-point touch. If it is a WIN7 system, it is necessary to install a home advanced version (WINDOWS 7 Home Premium) or above to support multi-point touch regardless of the external computer or the built-in computer. Microsoft WIN7 has released 2 types and 6 versions (WINDOWS 7 Starter ,WINDOWS 7 Home Basic Home Edition, WINDOWS 7 Home Premium Home Premium, WINDOWS 7 Professional Professional, WINDOWS 7 Enterprise Enterprise Edition).


  1. The externally connected laptop has no sound.


If it is VGA wire connection, it is only the image transmission. It is required to connect with the audio wire, only the connection of audio wire also has no sound.


If it is HDMI wire connection, it is required to set the “broadcast device” and set the “high-definition audio equipment” as the default value.


  1. After using for a period, the screen becomes hot. Is it a normal phenomenon? Does it have any influence?


Screen heating is a normal phenomenon and will not have adverse effects. At present, our machine heat dissipation meets international health standards.








  1. How to clean and maintain the machine?


(1) Before cleaning the device, disconnect the power and unplug the power cord.


(2) Use a non-washing type cleaning solution such as alcohol to make the cloth semi-wet, and wipe the surface tempered glass, reflective strip, handprint and dust on the front frame.


(3) After the cleaning is completed and thoroughly dried, use it after turning on the power.



7.If the machine does not work (TV and computer are invalid).How to solve ?



(1) If the front panel indicator is not lit, please check if the power cord is plugged in and power is on.


(2) Check if the external power outlet has a power output.



8.If the screen display blue screen “no signal” and can not enter the computer desktop. How to solve ?


(1) Check if the computer indicator light is always bright blue. If it is not lit, please confirm whether the computer box is tight, and then press the computer switch to turn on the computer.


(2) Check if the signal channel is in “HDMI1”. If not, please adjust to HDMI1.


(3) If there is still no signal after checking all the above, please replace the OPS computer case.



9.If the computer can not enter the system and the boot prompt say “WINDOWS did not successfully close, ·········”and then the computer automatically enter the repair system.How to do it ?


(1) Turn off the computer, plug in the keyboard, then turn on the computer, press the arrow keys on the keyboard, select “Normally Move WINDOWS”, press Enter to confirm.


(2) This is caused by abnormally shutting down the computer.When shutting down, please make sure to turn off the computer and then turn off the display.



  1. What should I do if I enter the computer and the screen or blue screen appears in English?


(1) Check if the computer memory module is loose, pull out the memory module, wipe the gold finger on the memory module with an eraser, and then install the memory module.


(2) Replace the new memory module.



11.If the computer can not connect to WIFI. How to do?


(1) Check if the WIFI antenna is installed.


(2) The wireless connection display is connected, but there is no internet access. Please deal with it according to FAQ17 method.


(3) Check if the router settings are correct, restore the routing factory settings, and reset the route.


(4) Check if the NIC driver is installed correctly.


(5) Whether the Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IP) attribute is correct



  1. If the computer can not connect to the wired network?


(1) Check if the wired network cable is normal and replace it with a new one.


(2) Check if the NIC driver is installed correctly.


(3) Whether the Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IP) attribute is correct



  1. If the computer have no sound?


(1) Check if the computer volume is turned on to the maximum.


(2) Check if the TV volume is turned to the maximum.


(3) Check if the sound card driver is installed properly.


(4) Check the computer sound “Playback device” default volume channel is “AAA”


(5) Check the computer sound “Volume Control Options” and put “√” in front of all options.


(6) Copy an MP3 with a USB flash drive, plug it into the USB port on the back of the TV, adjust the signal channel to “Multimedia”, play MP3 to see if there is volume output, and if so, replace another OPS computer box test.



  1. What should I do if the remote control fails?


(1) Check if the remote control has a battery or replace it with a new one.


  • Check if there is any object blocking or interference in the remote receiver position.



  1. How to solve when the screen’s touch is not work ?


(1) Check if there is any object around the touch screen, interference, dust, etc.


(2) Follow “Touch Calibration” in FAQ 10.



  1. What should I do if I suddenly crash when installing software or application from CD or U disk, white screen, or error?


1) Check and confirm the surface of the disc or the storage medium is normal and can be read normally on other computers.


  • Read the software manuals and you need to verify that the software is compatible with this operating system or not.


3) Confirm the minimum requirements of the software for the computer hardware, and check if the computer hardware is sufficient to support the software.


4) Please close other running software during installation.


5) Please confirm that the software to be installed is genuine software.



  1. It cannot be used when the computer connect some computer peripheral devices? How to solve ?


1) The computer peripheral setting driver is installed correctly.


2) Check if the connection between the device and the computer is correct.


3) Read the instruction manual of the device and set up your device and computer according to the instructions.



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