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Post, airport, station, logistics, port, parking lot, auto city, bus
Public security monitoring, fire monitoring, traffic dispatching room, security monitoring, aviation monitoring, military intelligence
Wholesale malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping business districts, office building, elevator advertisements,advertising media
Study, training, enterprise, government, conference, household use
Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, leisure clubs, KTV, Internet cafes, entertainment venues
Hospitals, TV stations, public welfare institutions, lottery inquiries, interactive platforms for farmers’ information


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Why choose FVASEE Interactive Smart LCD Panel in the commercial field?

Business meeting communication and exchanges become real-time, interactive, fast and efficient
The all-digital design of the conference interactive whiteboard can save the meeting content, sound, graphics, etc. to the computer at any time, and can record the presentation content, operation steps, sound graphics, etc. at any time through the player, save it immediately, and present it in real time.It can also generate electronic meeting records and summaries on the spot, and directly and conveniently transmit them to the participants, making business meeting communication and exchanges real-time, interactive, fast and efficient.Improve the efficiency of business meetings, reduce office costs, truly realize digital and paperless office, and make modern enterprise business collaboration, business decision-making and mobile business trustworthy digital interactive meeting platform.

Life is more fashionable and simple

The conference interactive whiteboard consists of a computer consisting of a monitor, keyboard and mouse that integrates computer TV functions.Its chip, motherboard and display are integrated together, and the display is a computer and a TV.Therefore, as long as the keyboard and mouse are linked to the monitor, the machine can be used as a computer or a TV, the mouse and monitor can be linked infinitely, and the machine has only one power cord.This solves the problem of many and complicated desktop cables that have been criticized, making life more fashionable and simple.

Commercial touch screen displays have broader application prospects in the commercial field

The commercial touch screen display is designed to bank deposits and withdrawals, so there is no need to wait for manual operations. As long as you touch the display screen, you can quickly follow the prompts to achieve the goal.Workers do not need to sign in with a pen, they just need to tap lightly in front of the touch screen of the assessment machine, and the record of commuting to get off work on time will be permanently left.To buy tickets at the station, you don’t need to ask at the information desk. You can use the multi-touch screen at the station to see the train number, arrival time and other information at a glance.Fashionable, concise and streamlined ultra-thin appearance, it integrates a variety of expansion devices, provides a variety of touch technology support, and meets the application needs of different environments.

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