Bus advertising screen

Also known as car TV, it is a service project that enriches the entertainment and cultural life in the car as the main body, supplemented by advertising. Light on-board advertising can provide a new space with wide coverage and high frequency of contact with consumers. It integrates image and sound, and makes full use of the mobility and large population capacity of passenger cars to fill the information gaps on the way for passengers.


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Media Advantage

1. In-vehicle TV commercials, commercials you can’t avoid, the only source of viewing for passengers.
The channel’s unique, closed environment and relatively high broadcast frequency make people strengthen their memory.
2. High-frequency broadcast, repeated memory, the advertising effect is outstanding. Video playback, high-quality stereo, cross-play of entertainment programs and advertisements, 10-minute advertisements, loop broadcast, sound and image, strong visual impact, passengers can easily accept advertisements while enjoying the program, and leave a deep impression Impression, bring good publicity effect for enterprises and products.
3. The lowest advertising investment cost, fast dissemination time, and the shortest time can achieve the effect of household name. The price of advertising charges is the lowest relative to the media and has the greatest impact.
4. Meet directly with consumers. The in-vehicle TVs between urban and rural areas are widely used for shopping, visiting relatives and friends, handling official business, going to work, school, and travel. They are located in all walks of life and at all levels. They are the main consumer groups in the product market, with prominent target groups and targeted advertising. powerful.
5. Various forms, different prices, you can choose flexibly. Main forms: video ads, subtitle ads, corner ads, picture ads, etc.


1. Compatible formats: MP4 (AVI: DIVX, XVID), DVD (VOB, MPG2), VCD (DAT, MPG1), JPG;
2. Playing type: Movie, Music, Photo;
3. Play mode: random play, full repeat play, single repeat play, sequential play, and automatic play when power on.
4. Video format: PAL, NTSC, automatic;
5. Audio mode: left channel, right channel, stereo;
6. Interstitial advertisements: Support regular interstitial advertisements, which can be divided into 4 time periods each day, and different advertisements can be inserted in each time period, and multiple advertisements can be inserted at one time for each interstitial, and the number of insertions can be recorded.
7. Interstitial rolling subtitles: Supports timed subtitles, which can be divided into 4 time periods every day, and different subtitles can be inserted in each time period. Multiple subtitles can be inserted at one time for each insertion, and the number of insertions can be recorded.
8. USB encryption function: You must enter the correct password to change the program source and adjust the parameter settings of advertisements and subtitles through the computer.
9. Clock display function: The time display can be set on the TV screen.
10. With reset function: when the machine crashes or changes to a new program source, the machine can directly input commands to make the machine return to normal.
11. It has the function of starting the first broadcast: it is forced to play a file when it is turned on.
12. Can have voice announcement function
13. Support Chinese, English and multi languages.

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