Education Interactive Whiteboard

Intelligent teaching solutions mainly use advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data Internet and mobile communication, integrate all the application resources of the education system, cover all kinds of educational institutions and all stages of education, and support the overall solutions of all kinds of mainstream education businesses.
Touch screen all in one is an interactive whiteboard composed of TV, computer, projector, curtain, sound and so on. It elevates the traditional display terminal into a full-function human-computer interaction equipment. Through this product users can write, approve, draw, multimedia entertainment and computer operation,contains rich lesson preparation tools, teaching tools, classroom teaching, educational resources and children’s interactive courseware, directly open the equipment can easily interpret the wonderful interactive classroom.

Five dimensional 10 point touch technology
0 delay “touch” smooth experirnce
Anti-strong light, anti-static, Adopt five-dimensional stereo infrared inductive touch technology
Support simultaneously 32 peoples write on the board, various gesture recognition
Independent high-fidelity speaker system and wireless microphone
The first in the industry to adopt HIFI high-fidelity speaker system, HIGI JBL sound technology.
Built-in stereo dual speakers
Can be adapted to Fvasee research wireless microphone;Fm infrared、Double chip、anti-interference、Prevent noise

Massive teaching resources
Provide the rich teaching resources and software
Support installation other courseware
Strong interactivity,improve the relationship,Stimulate learn interest
In the kindergarten period is the children’s enlightenment period,In order to let the children better learning and develop intelligence, Fvasee launched a small education integrated machine,The integrated preschool education machine combined with preschool software not only has the function of writing on the whiteboard, but also functions such as children’s songs, stories, poems, English, pinyin, and interactive games, making preschool education from the traditional monotonous dusty era to the high-definition digital teaching era.Not only is it beneficial to children’s physical health, but also changes the previous monotonous teaching methods, allowing children to learn more easily and happily under the stimulation of sight, hearing, sense and all-round interaction, greatly mobilizing children’s learning interest, and truly integrating Teach for fun.


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A “key” to get rid of “complex” annoyance

  • Front port, can connect to the private PC computer, convenient and fast
  • One button energy saving, save 70% energy, double click on the screen to wake up
  • One key switch, prevent only the display screen is not off the computer, protect the computer hard disk

Industrial Grade LED screen

  • 4mm explosion-proof tempered glass, improve safety and protection
  • With S-PVA&S-IPS technology, About 180°degree viewing angel
  • Resolution up to HD4K (3840*2160)

Industrial Grade Pull-out computer host

  • The host is modular in desidn and supports hot plugging.It can be disassembled separately for easy lifting and daily maintenance
  • Use SSD solid state hard disk, it is powered on within 10 seconds. And supports one-click restore
  • Built-in upgrade dual WiFi module,Dual antenna design,the dual-receiver dual-transmit dual-channel model is stronger,Speed faster

In order to give full develop to the initiative and flexibility of teaching, Major kindergartens across the country began to use multimedia teaching interactive whiteboard, With the multimedia technology of teaching touch all-in-one machine and human-computer interactive touch function, teachers show students a more vivid and intuitive knowledge to students in a new way, so as to improve their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning.

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