Smart blackboard

The teaching significance of nano-interactive blackboard in the classroom

Fvasee intelligent nano-interactive blackboard is a revolutionary intelligent interactive teaching equipment.Function cover touch interaction, multimedia teaching and chalk writing, combination of a traditional blackboard and a perceptive interactive blackboard.

Leading touch technology, large display screen, can accommodate multiple people writing interaction

Photoelectric glass: protect eye,highly firm;Nano-touch control: precise positioning, sensitive operation;Round corner protection: more beautiful and safer;Science fiction art: high transparent light transmittance;Integrated chip:high-performance integration core, less failure;Front touch button: switch more convenient; fluent writing; fast induction speed. The interaction between the blackboard and the platform, the teacher port and the CP port for interaction, the teacher transmits the teaching content to the nano interactive blackboard for content explanation.


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smart nano blackboard with camera
smart nano blackboard with camera
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smart nano blackboard without camera
smart nano blackboard without camera

Wireless splicing and flexible collocation
Rounded corners and narrow seams
A variety of styles unique appearance structure for your choice
Anti-collision and anti-splash
Front-facing 3D surround speaker
A variety of fitting methods for your choice
Intelligent multi-touch
Anti-glare eye protection glass
Intelligent prevention and control system double eye protection
Easy and convenient maintenance

Wireless splicing flexible collocation
Home screen display mode
Dual home screen display +deputy screen mode
Standard interactive blackboard mode
Dual home screen display
Anti-collision and anti-splash
Don’t hide chalk ash
Wet cloth scrub keeps it long-term clean
Built-in chalk storage box
Respect the actual needs of users
Rounded corners and narrow seams
Install adjustable gap
Splicing gap<0.2mm
Metal material wrap edge fixed tempered glass, to prevent the glass glue water aging blackboard from falling off
Front-facing speaker
Front-facing stereo dual speakers, restore sound details, create a three-dimensional full range of shock and bright sound effects
Unique structure
Multiple keys and diversified interface
Dual pull-out modular design
Modular core component,Design the dual pull-out and pull module,Core electronic device and ops are freely plug and pull separately,easy maintenance without disassembly

40 points touch
Flexible full screen writing
More humanized three-finger rest screen design, the traditional chalk writing and digital display switch is more flexible
Convenient maintenance
The blackboard can be opened from the front
The distance from the blackboard to the wall can reach 50cm after lifting
Single person is easy and convenient for maintenance
Avoid overall disassembly, save after-sales cost
Eye protection Anti-Glare glass
The surface of the screen is anti-glare and can be seen even in sunlight
With high-light filtration technology to filter harmful blue light
SQS eye protection test certification
Can be used for a long time,protect the eye health of teachers and students
AG glass effectively protects against blue light, filters out harmful blue light, and achieves multiple eye protection effects
A variety of styles and specifications for you to choose
Gold border series
Black series
Silver grounding black border series
Gray infrared series
Grey border main push series
Intelligent prevention and control system ·double eye protection
Intelligent adjustment of eye protection
Through the backlight + software technology algorithm, effectively adjust, reduce the blue light emitting point, reduce the blue light emitted by the screen

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