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FVASEE interactive whiteboard mobile stand is a mobile stand specially designed and developed for large-size and heavy-duty monitors. It is mainly used when installing electronic whiteboards in mobile multimedia teaching, multimedia conference rooms of enterprises and institutions, etc. It is an important accessory equipment in mobile multimedia teaching and conference hardware equipment. It can also be applied to large-size smart TV in the home.

Applicable places: multimedia classrooms, conference halls, exhibition halls, libraries, hotels, airports, railway stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping plazas, trade fairs, etc.

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1.The main material of FVASEE mobile bracket should be made of high-quality square steel. The entire bracket is stable and firm, which avoids the situation that most similar products cannot be used due to the thin and unstable bracket caused by the image shaking during the writing process.

2.Easy to use: 360-degree rotating casters, double braking, reduce noise, stable and stable, can be easily moved to any position or fixed.

3.The stand is equipped with shelves for other accessories.Can place touch pen, pointer, set-top box, etc.

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