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FVASEE smart pen is a USB wireless interactive panel accessory that integrates laser pointer, page turning up and down, hyperlink, full screen black screen, volume adjustment, multimedia music control and other functions. Applicable to a variety of scenarios, such as teaching scenarios, business meeting scenarios, wedding scenarios, etc.

It does not require battery like a traditional page-turning pen, and can be charged directly through the type-C port. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, convenient and fast, it subverts the functional attributes of traditional page-turning tools and refreshes people’s general cognition of “page-turning pen”. This USB smart pen is a good helper for conference presentation, teaching and training.

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1. Long-distance wireless remote control: the longest remote control distance can reach 15 meters, and the transmission speed is fast.
2. Simple operation: plug in the USB receiver directly and use it as a wireless mouse.

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