Video Wall

1, Original lg commercial grade lcd video wall display panel, 16:9 LG a-Si TFT-LCD;
2, 500 nits brightness,MEGA DCR contrast;
3, FHD physical resolution 1920×1080;
4, Only 1.7mm Ultra narrow bezel, high quality, practical, good vision effect;
5, Signal interface rich — RS232, , DVI, VGA,YPbPr, AV;
6, HD video wall unit— High brightness, high contrast, high gamut;
7, Flexible structure design —easy installation, extensible, arbitrary combination;
8, Stable performance, suitable working for a long time;

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Video Wall Applications:

LCD video wall can be used in below fields: conference and meeting rooms, office building, lobbies, security monitoring center, surveillance and retail center, restaurant and hotel, retail shopping mall advertising and information displays, public installations, exhibition and show center, live show, rental and advertising center,museums,church,transportation and mass info display systems.


Key features:

  • Support a variety of signal ports.
  • Built-in splicing module, Support splice function
  • Support Creating one window PIP across the screen, roaming service, scaling,PIP
  • Support matrix joint control.
  • Unique DNX motion supplement image processing technology,
  • Dynamic image without motion trail
  • Splicing image processing RS-232 RJ45 loop-circuit input/output.
  • Input by remote control with wire, mobile receiver head.


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