WIFI Projector USB Screen Share

1. One-click sharing, easy interaction on multiple screens.
2. Support two-way screen projection and touch. You can write, annotate, and document presentations on the FVASEE all-in-one computer after screen projection with a laptop.
3. Easy to operate. Insert the screen projector into the USB port of the all-in-one computer for pairing and then unplug it. Then plug the screen projector into the computer or other device, and then press the screen projection button.

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According to traditional conference rooms or classrooms, the computer VGA cable was mainly used to connect to the projector before, but it was not very convenient to use, because it was often necessary to copy the presentation content from mobile phones, tablets, and other computers to the computer in the conference room. And through USB Wi-Fi Dongle, you can easily and quickly solve this problem.

Use the wireless screen share USB Wi-Fi Dongle to automatically pair the interactive tablet with the notebook, tablet, display screen and other devices that need to be projected, and then you can perform screen projection. It makes meetings and teaching easier and more efficient.

Support Windows and MacOS.



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WIFI Projector USB Screen Share
WIFI Projector USB Screen Share
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